Costa del Golf

Costa del Golf

In La Cala de Mijas there are several professional Golf courses within close distance. It’s not a surprise that Costa del Sol is also called Costa del Golf. In La Cala de Mijas you can even find Costa del Sols largest golfing complex, La Cala Golf. This golf complex has three 18-hole championship courses and has an incredible reputation.

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The great diversity of Golf Courses makes golf for all categories of players very attractive. Nowhere else in Europe you will find many golf courses within a short distance of each other. There are over 90 golf courses on the Costa del Sol and golfing resorts located in Andalucia, of which around 60 are located on the Costa del Sol, four of which are ranked in the top 10 in Europe. Due largely to the success of the Ryder Cup, golf was taken to new levels on the Costa del Sol as it gained universal recognition and along with it came even more quality courses which have been constructed to supply the ever increasing demand for Golf in southern Spain. This concentration of quality courses and an enviable climate has made the Costa del Sol one of Europes top golfing destinations to many hundreds of thousands of northern European golfers each and every year. Many thousands of golfers head to the Costa del Sol to play Golf. Combine your golf holiday with a stay in our spacious well equipped apartments. The Arruzafa beach apartments are very tastefully furnished and very well equipped. Each apartment has its own style and really has everything you need for a holiday or a longer stay.

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